Assalamualaikum and good afternoon ❤️

First of all, thank you Allah for another great day. I am truly blessed. So, today is the day my upu results to come out. I was very disappointed that my application was rejected. Hmm, but it's Allah's plan. What can I do. It's all had been written by Him and who am I to even complain. Subhanallah.

I believe that everything will turn out to be okay. I believe there will be another wonderful place for me to further my studies. I am now applying in another private college in Bachelor in Accountancy and I hope I will be hearing a good news soon, inshaAllah. 

Thank you Allah, family and friends for always being there for me. To always give me words of advice. I even received a call from a friend early this morning to ask whether I've been accepted to any universities or not. It really makes my day to know that there's someone who care and always think of me. Thank you Allah for this wonderful friendship. Thank you 

Have a good day, yeorobun! Please pray for me, will ya? Hugs!

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