Assalamualaikum and good evening ❤️

Hello there! Hehe I wish you guys healthy and be sure to not be sick because lately the weather seems to always change. Btw, I want those headphones so bad!! But unfortunately it was really expensive okay! But yeah who knows one day someone will give it to me. Hehe berangan LOL 

I don't really have an idea what to write right now. So, I think that's all. Take care everyone ~

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone ❤️ 

Heyyy long time no see!! Hehe, it's been awhile, right? Sorry, I've been busy with interviews and ermm watching movies? Haha Oh so how are you, guys? May Allah ease everything for you all, inshaAllah :) 

Did you see the picture above? Yes yess!! Its Korea~^^ Hehe. I always love Korea. I mean, I've never been there, of course! But I love watching their dramas and variety shows. But it doesn't mean that I was crazy about their artist. LOL . I always adore their culture and the people there. I always want to go there, oh hello, obviously?! Hiks. I wish one day I can stay in Korea a bit longer so that I can explore more about their lifestyle, culture, people, food and etc. I always showed a big interest when it comes to Korea. May Allah grant my wishes, inshaAllahu Taala :') One fine day.....

Till then,
Take care love.