Assalamualaikum and hello ❤️

How are you, guys? Hope you're doing fine :) Long time no see!! Hihi So today I want to share with you guys about my trip to Vietnam last March. Weehoo!! I miss Vietnam so bad you know! When it comes to Vietnam, there's so many stories. Some are so scary. Like seriously! So, Alhamdulillah all praise due to Allah Al-Muhaymin I am having fun while I'm there and although there's something happened there but I believe it's all Allah's best plans. I will share with you guys later, InshaAllah :)

So, it's all started when my cousin ask my mom to go for a trip together. At first, we all plan to go to Langkawi but my cousin insist to have our trip toVietnam. So, we bought our ticket a few months before and luckily it's on promotion! Hehe Alhamdulillah. It's 4 days and 3 night trip. We wake up early in the morning and head off to KLIA 2 at 5am as we need to check in at 7am if I'm not mistaken. 

It takes only 2 hours to reach Vietnam. Upon arrival, we already have our tour guide waiting for us outside. IF you are planning on going to Vietnam, it is REALLY important for you to have a tour guide to avoid anything bad happen. I've read about it a lot. Some taxi drivers will charge you a very high price and some will bring you to nowhere ! So please take note about this. 

The traffic in Vietnam was really crazy!! Not like in other countries, motorcycles were their main transportation. In Vietnam, we stayed in Hotel Boss 3 which is 7 minutes walk from Ben Thanh Market. When it comes to food, you don't have to worry because it is really easy to find a Halal restaurant. We visited Chu Chi Tunnel, Mekong River, Ben Thanh Market, Night market and many more. 

I think that's all because I tried to make this post as short as possible. Hehe, sorry^^

Take care :)