The empty feeling in my heart somehow bother me so bad. Hmm What will happen in my life? Will tomorrow be okay for me? Am I going to make my parents happy? Most importantly, am I able to be a good person towards my Creator, Allah azza wa jalla? Allahurabbi. Deep inside my heart, I want to change everything. If only I can turned back time. It's full of "i wish" . I miss everyone. I miss to be happy again. Oh Allah, give me strength, 

Till then, hugs :')

Assalamualaikum, annyeonghaseyo 

How are you guys? I'm fine here so far. Well actually I've already finished my diploma. Alhamdulillah all praise due to Allah SWT. There are so many good and bad things,ups and downs but alhamdulillah everything went well. Thank you Allah, mama papa, friends and others for supporting me. May Allah SWT bless you in the world and hereafter, inshaAllah :) 

So, I'll be home for about 8 month (crazy isn't it?) haha. Of course, I've been applying for works but there's no call so far. Maybe I should just stay at home? Hehe 

Today, there's nothing special of course. There's nothing left to do after finished all the things that need to be done in our house. Hmm, sometimes there are things in our life that aren't mean to happen. I usually watch Korean drama or any movies but today there are so many things that bothered me. I've been sitting in my room imagining my dreams, which I didn't put my best effort to achieve it. There's one word. Regret. How I wish I can turn back time. Allahu T.T

While typing this post, my father was getting ready to go back to Terengganu. My uncle were sick and he's in hospital right now. I hope that he'll be okay inshaAllah :') 

Mixed feeling. I hope everything will be just alright. I miss everyone so bad. Till then, take care!

Assalamualaikum and hello 

Its been a while right?! Hehe how are you doing, guys? I hope everything will be alright. I know, its already 3rd December, but yeah, Hello December ^_^ Well yeah, I'm good here, just fine. I think it is almost one year since my last post. I miss blogging so bad! Although I know that there's no one that will be going to read anything that I post, but it kind of make me feels like I am telling someone about what I'm doing, what I've done today or anything. You know that sometimes, you really need to talk to someone but you can't. Hahah what I am trying to say (OMG).

So, December means monsoon season here in Malaysia. I am so so sooo thankful that the weather here in Kuantan was good. Alhamdulillah. Hoping that everything will be just alright because I am so afraid of flood. 

I don't know what to say anymore. So, until then! Take care and bye bye :)