Assalamualaikum and bonjour! ❤️

I pray that everyone is in a good shape, inshaAllah. It's Saturday guys! Have a nice weekend ahead. Today,I manage to make two pavlovas as per request by my sister-in-law. I think the last time I make pavlova was maybe two years ago. Haha :D And not to forget, I had my lunch at the Japanese Restaurant today with my friend because I miss sushi and bento so bad! ^^

Oh ya, soon I will continue my studies in Degree but I still don't know where because I am still waiting for the result to come out. To be honest, I am a little bit scared because of the new environment, new friends and etc. I know it will be hard but yeah I should be okay right? Yes, I believe that everything will be just fine. 

I think that's all for now. Take care, love!

Assalamualaikum and hye ❤️

Yea, it's been a few month since my last post. I want to update my blog but it's the matter of idea. Hehe, I don't know what to type and tell you guys :p

So, dreams. When it comes about "dream" . It's not only me, but everyone. Everyone had their own dreams. Hhmm, I have a lot of things to think of. But so little time. Firstly, it is about my degree. I'm afraid that I will make a wrong decision. Like seriously! I spend few nights thinking, thinking, and thinking again. What's the best thing that I can do for my future. It is my life that we are talking about. The decision that I am making today, sooner or later will give an impact in my future. 

I tried my best. Asking help from Allah, my family and closest friends. Alhamdulillah I hope I made a wise decision although I know that such opportunity doesn't come easily. It is not easy at all. Tears coming down when I think about it deeply. Why? Simply because I don't even know what will happen for me in future. But after a few days. I believe. I believe that Allah had a better plan for me. InshaAllah

Pray for me, will you?